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Dr. Chapline maintains a private general psychotherapy practice with many treatment foci. She holds a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate degree in Psychology and graduated summa cum laude (high honors) at every degree level from the Associate’s degree through the Doctorate degree. She is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist.

Dr. Chapline also holds a two-year degree (Associate’s degree) in Chemical Dependency (or Substance Abuse) counseling and has pursued a great deal of additional pre- and post-graduate education for the purpose of providing specializations or skills within an ever-broadening range. She holds a certificate as a CSAT Certified Sexual Addiction Therapist, is approved by the State of California as a Gambling Addiction treatment provider, is well-trained in Clinical Hypnosis, and EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing).


I will respect you. I will not judge you. I will hold what you tell me as confidential within the law. I will put forth my best effort to help you heal and grow.


I wish to personally state for those whom I counsel (adults, adolescents, couples, families, children and the elderly) that the work I do with my clients is dedicated to emotional support, the healing of emotional pain, childhood wounds, or any kind of trauma (a sudden crisis, relational trauma, rape, PTSD, Acute Stress, and Combat Operational Stress [COS]); better functioning in human relationships; increasing insight, psychological knowledge, and awareness; motivating clients to make positive choices in four areas: physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually (working within the context of each client's belief system), and to create short-term and long-term or life goals. To this end, improvement or healing in these areas will likely result in increased life satisfaction, general happiness, calmness, inner peace, and more success in major realms of living.


Dr. Chapline uses many different therapeutic methods which are chosen based upon their relevance to a particular client’s needs. Dr. Chapline is skilled at the use of Clinical Hypnosis (directive and non-directive) and EMDR(Eye-Movement-Desensitization and Reprocessing). Additionally, she utilizes Psychodynamic therapies such as Attachment Theory, Ego State therapy, Object Relations, and Self Psychology; Cognitive-Behavioral methods; Existentially-oriented psychotherapies such as Adlerian, Gestalt, and Humanistic; Trans-Theoretical Theory (which has to do with the stages of readiness of the client); Family and Couple psychotherapies such as Multigenerational, M. Bowen theory, John Gottman’s researched methods, Bader-Pearson's concepts, and Emotionally-Focused Couple’s Therapy concepts; Play therapies such as Directive and Non-Directive, Sand Tray Play, and Expressive Arts; Transpersonal Psychotherapies such as Mindfulness and other Meditation techniques, Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT), Pranic Psychology and some Energy Psychotherapies.


I enjoy my work! I love the field of psychology. I truly care about helping people navigate their lives toward psychological wellness and to motivate and inspire them to reach their goals. I consider psychotherapy to be a valuable component of the walk of one's inner journey toward Self completion. As a psychotherapist, I prefer to use psycho-education with my clients so that they can understand the basis for the personal changes they experience. When clients operate from a more educated knowledge base, they can consciously choose positive, life affirming, emotionally-sound choices in the any of the major areas of their lives.

In my office, upon request, I maintain a notebook which is available for clients to review. It contains copies of scholastic transcripts, and approximately 45 letters of recommendation should a client or potential client desire more information about my professional abilities. The notebook also contains copies of many of the certificates acquired via the successful completion of seminars or trainings.

I began counseling in 1991 as an intern in a residential substance abuse treatment facility. Throughout the years I've counseled in a hospital setting, domestic violence treatment center, several residential treatment settings (for adults, teenagers, and the chronically mentally ill) a family counseling center, and an outpatient treatment center. I've counseled the continuum of general human problems as well as those of the chronically mentally ill. My experience and training includes counseling adults, couples, families, children, adolescents, and the elderly for a broad spectrum of human health-related problems. At the present, my counseling work is in a private-practice setting.

Camille Chapline, Psy.D., LMFT drc [email protected]
Psychotherapist, Lic # MFC45114
2181 S. El Camino Real, Suite 201,
Oceanside, CA 92054

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