• Psychotherapy is the action of counseling people for mental-health-related issues.
  • Psychotherapy is a professional shared human interaction.
  • This professional relationship leads in the direction of mental and emotional balance. Within this relational context, a good psychotherapist can lead an individual or several individual’s (couples and families) toward a more knowledgeable, balanced mental-health outcome.
  • It is common for humans to have emotional or behavioral problems of various kinds which may feel overwhelming; or which may have become problematic and repetitive. A well-trained psychotherapist is skilled in the resolution of these types of problems.
Successful treatment outcomes may occur after brief periods -- several sessions, weeks, to a few months of treatment -- or may take years. A successful outcome depends upon the problem type, whether there is a genetic basis, whether it has been longstanding or brief and how much early childhood trauma the individual has suffered. Severely traumatic early childhoods may need more lengthy psychotherapy to achieve successful treatment outcomes. However with these kinds of severe problems, there should be substantial markers of improvement in problem areas during the treatment period.

Taking the first step toward getting help is often the most difficult. The journey to happiness begins with just a short telephone call and personal commitment to get help.

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